Alchemy Quiz

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How long will it take to make the gold?” Santina asked Calandrino as he reached for a glass vial.

Pouring a thin stream of liquid silver into the big, black pot, he laughed at the question. “A year or two. If we’re lucky, that is.”

“A year or two? I thought it would only take a few weeks.”

From Alchemy’s Daughter

As you begin your work in the alchemical laboratory, you might already be wondering how long it will take to precipitate alchemical gold and realize your dream. Of course everyone’s journey is different, and you are the one who controls the final outcome. But this little quiz is designed to estimate your progress and offer helpful hints for avoiding obstacles that might delay your success.

Select the answer that applies to you the most.


1. I can most help the world by:
__Being a good person and kind to others
__Becoming financially successful, then giving money to charity
__Achieving my destiny

2. I would rather live:
__With people I can always count on
__In a luxury home surrounded by material comforts
__In a modest home in a peaceful community

3. What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?
__Watching a good movie
__Going to a fun party/social event
__Anything goes as long as I’m with my friends/significant other.

4. How many close friends do you have?
__ 0 to 3
__More than I can count
__A handful

5. One thing I admire about myself is:
__ I always try to do the right thing, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness for someone else.
__ I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals.
__That I am me

6. The main reason I haven’t achieved exactly what I want in life yet is because
__ I don’t have the talent/opportunities other people have.
__ People interfere, or they won’t give me a chance to reach my goals.
__I have encountered numerous obstacles as I have diligently pursued my dream.

7. How do you feel about being alone?
__ I’m alone more than I’d like to be.
__Me, alone? I’m never alone.
__I prefer being with people, but I don’t mind being alone.

8. How do you feel about your relationship with your parent(s)?
__ My relationship with my parents can be difficult or challenging.
__I try to deal with my parents as little as possible.
__I am okay with my parents.

9. Which of the following would you rather have MORE of?
__ Love

10. If I could choose a different life, I would:
__ Be born richer, better looking, and smarter.
__ Have nothing to do with the people who have sidetracked me from my goals.
__ Change nothing because all experiences lead me closer to my destiny.

11. How creative are you?
__ I am not all that artistic.
__ I am creative in specific areas.
__ I have the soul of an artist.

12. When I grow up (no matter how old you are at present), I intend to be:
__ A better person
__ A different person with an entirely different life
__ More truly me

13. My ideal partner is:
__Someone who is good-looking, generous, and very attentive to me
__Someone who accepts me no matter what I do or where I go in life
__Someone I will always love and admire

14. I would rather be:
__Married to someone rich and never have to worry about paying bills
__Wildly successful in a high paying job
__A person of modest means, but be engaged in work that is meaningful to me



Score three points for selecting the first response to each question.
Score two points for selecting the second response to each question.
Score one point for selecting the third response to each question.

14 to 17: You have traveled the difficult, often lonely path of the alchemist and endured great challenges in your quest for alchemical gold. Your hard work and perseverance have given you wisdom beyond your years. You have lived creatively, seeking the beautiful in the everyday, and you have dutifully completed the tasks that have been demanded of you. Finally, the fruits of your efforts are near at hand. Push forward and keep holding your vision, for you on the verge of success!

18 to 22: Having fought many battles, you wonder how much longer you must wait to get your gold. Don’t despair if you don’t see results just yet, because you are on the right path and success lies ahead! Disregard those who do not understand your ambitions. Furthermore, do not allow their lack of belief in their own dreams to discourage you. Focus on the day to day tasks you must accomplish in order to achieve success. The groundwork has been laid, and now it’s about putting one foot in front of the other. You haven’t come this far to give up on your dream now!

23 to 32: You approach your work in the laboratory with the strength and courage of a warrior. Your energy and determination to succeed are admirable and will serve you well as you continue along the path. As you move ahead, it will be helpful to remember that outcomes are sometimes unpredictable; while you might wish for one thing to happen, the opposite occurs. Sometimes this happens when there are still lessons to be learned and we are not quite as ready for success as we might think. Sometimes we even find we have to start over and rethink our goals. Don’t be dismayed by what you think of as failure, for it is our failures which bring us closer to our successes!

33 to 42: Sensitive and somewhat cautious, you approach alchemy with common sense and a pragmatic attitude. Though you remain somewhat skeptical of your ability to create change, your honesty with yourself and others will keep you centered as you begin the process. You are not easily fooled or taken in, so it will take concrete results to convince you. The good thing is, it doesn’t matter if you believe in alchemy or not; just dare to dream, take a leap, and begin the steps. Remember that it takes new actions to get new results in your life. And when the going gets tough, remember that events and experiences which seem so very hard and unnecessary are often exactly what we need to bring us closer to our goals.