Alchemy Parties

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Violante turned to her daughter, saying, “Don’t suppose that because you tried once, you have done all you can. Your will is simply being tested.”

“But it’s impossible. If no one will teach me, how can I learn?”

“I don’t know the answer to that, Emilia. But I do know that when you believe something is possible and you want it more than anything, then God is on your side.”

From Nonna's Book of Mysteries


At my Alchemy Parties teenage girls take their dreams out of their heads and into the physical world through the process of making alchemy jars. After reflecting on their ambitions in a quiet moment of inspiration, teens are given supplies and personal guidance to create colorful, sparkly, unique works of art.

With pictures, words, and symbols, party participants transform their wishful dreams into clear intentions and take one more step towards reaching the stars!

Contact me if you would like more details about my alchemy parties, which are held in Chicago. These events are perfect for birthday or coming of age parties.


Of course, you can also make an alchemy jar on your own. Instructions are as follows.

You need: